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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

Action & Adventure. The team of secret agents faces being shut down when the head of the CIA convinces the US Senate that it is too dangerous. The operatives of the Impossible Mission Force become fugitives when they defy orders and plot to bring down a shadowy society of assassins. Spy thriller sequel, starring Tom Cr... (more)
18 Jun
2h 11m
Aud: Audience: 87%
Crit: Critics: 93%

Mojave (2015)

Drama. A suicidal artist drives into the desert seeking solitude, hoping to find some meaning in his shallow life. He meets a mysterious drifter who throws his life off course, and must find a way to conquer his depression in order to protect the things he cares about. Thriller, starring Oscar Isaac, Garre... (more)
18 Jun
Sony Movie Channel
1h 33m
Aud: Audience: (50%)
Crit: Critics: 31%

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979)

Comedy. A seductive astrologer's carefree life is brought crashing to a halt when he is accused of robbery and cannot win over the only person able to provide an alibi. He faces a possibly greater challenge in providing a woman who has never had an orgasm with the satisfaction she has long been deprived of.... (more)
19 Jun
London Live
1h 37m
Aud: Audience: (50%)
Crit: Critics: (50%)

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Horror. A run-of-the-mill training exercise turns into a bloodbath for soldiers on weekend manoeuvres in the Highlands. After rescuing the lone survivor of a massacred special forces unit, they are set upon by a pack of werewolves. Taking cover in an abandoned farmhouse, they are besieged by the creatures a... (more)
19 Jun
Horror Channel
1h 44m
Aud: Audience: 79%
Crit: Critics: 79%

21 Grams (2003)

Drama. Three strangers are brought together by a tragic car accident that changes all their lives. A dying man in need of a heart transplant is forced to contemplate mortality, a devoutly religious ex-convict finds his faith challenged, and a devoted mother with a reckless past must face an uncertain futur... (more)
19 Jun
Sony Movie Channel
2h 6m
Aud: Audience: 86%
Crit: Critics: 80%