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Drama A 15-year-old boy promises his dying mother that he will look after his six younger brothers and keep them together as a family. Drama, starring Ricky Schroder, David Andrews and Veronica Cartwright (more)
25 Aug
True Movies
1h 37m
Aud: Audience: 83%
Crit: Critics: (50%)
Action & Adventure / Drama During the Second World War, US Army Medic Desmond Doss refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honour without firing a shot. Director Mel Gibson's fact-based drama, starring Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington and Luke Bracey (more)
25 Aug
Channel 5 HD
2h 19m
Aud: Audience: 91%
Crit: Critics: 85%
Deadpool (2016)
Action & Adventure / Comedy / Science Fiction & Fantasy A disfigured mercenary develops superhuman powers, which he uses to get payback on the man who ruined his life. Comedy adventure, with Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin (more)
25 Aug
1h 43m
Aud: Audience: 90%
Crit: Critics: 84%
Action & Adventure / Art House & International / Horror / Mystery & Suspense Hedge-fund manager Seok-woo sets off on a train journey with his small daughter, but as their train is about to leave the station a very sick passenger stumbles aboard - affected by a chemical spill that turns creatures and people into zombies. The virus spreads fast from carriage to carriage, and S... (more)
26 Aug
1h 58m
Aud: Audience: 88%
Crit: Critics: 94%
Drama / Mystery & Suspense A nuclear power plant controller discovers a potentially disastrous operational flaw but refuses to report it. A visiting TV journalist and cameraman pick up on the story - but as they struggle to get the news on air, a quick-witted engineer realises the danger is far more pronounced than anyone sus... (more)
26 Aug
Sony Movie Channel
2h 2m
Aud: Audience: 81%
Crit: Critics: 84%